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Foam Roof

Foam Roofing for Phoenix

Foam roofs are an efficient way to protect most types of flat roofs and have many benefits.

  • Foam can be applied to almost any kind of roof
  • A foam roof is completely seamless
  • Foam can be easily repaired at a minimal cost
  • A foam roof can reduce the cost of your energy bill

What Are Foam Roofs?

The material is sprayed directly onto the roof, where it “foams up” and solidifies before a protective coating is applied. Because of its flexibility, foam is especially useful for roofs with unusual shapes or configurations. Foam has a number of unique advantages over other types of flat roofing systems. For one, it protects against thermal shock and it can greatly reduce your air conditioning bills.  Actually, a foam roof can pay for itself in five years by reducing the cost of air conditioning.  In a 1985 study on 27 different buildings at Texas A&M University, the University found that they were able to recover the complete cost of the roof application through energy savings in an average of four and a half years.*

Phoenix Roofing Contractor offering Foam Roofing

The diagram illustrates  each layer of a foam roof.

1. Elastomeric Coating – This is a sturdy, water-resistant membrane that’s designed to protect against the effects of sun, wind and rain and will last for years.

2. Polyurethane Foam – A closed-cell high-density type of insulation.

3. Adhesion – A seamless layer of foam is that attaches to the surface, covering the entire area.

4. Bonding – The coating forms an adhesive bond with the foam, that delivers superior protection against moisture penetration.


(*Results courtesy of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance)

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